Space Saving Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

5 Ways To Save Space In Your Limited Space Bathroom

If your bathroom is lacking in space, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as this communal room often suffers with a cramped style, but there are a few ways that you can reclaim space, which we will outline in this article.

  1. Bespoke Storage Cabinets & Shelving – A small bathroom demands made to measure storage cabinets and shelving, in order to make the best use of small recesses and corners. Your local carpenter and joiner are the persons to talk to about bespoke shelving and cupboards, as they can create units that fit the spaces. Unless you are very lucky and find a vanity unit that fits like a glove, made to measure bathroom furniture is advised, as it gives you optimum use of the space.
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  • Space Saving Bathroom Suites – There are space saving bathroom suites for small spaces and they can easily be located with a Google search. The units are slightly narrower than regular suites and that makes a big difference to the floor space you have to work with. The online supplier has many bathroom suites that are designed for small bathrooms, so there’s bound to be one that hits the spot.
  • Remove The Bath – We all love a long, hot soak after a hard day at work, yet if your bathroom is on the small side, why not remove the tub and install a digital shower? Once the bath has been removed, you have reclaimed 3 square metres of floor space, which can be put to very good use. Once you have experienced a digital shower, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it and your water usage will drop significantly, as a bath full of water is much more than you actually need. A corner digital shower takes up very little space. Shower screens and units are available online, a Google search will help you locate a leading home suppliers store and you can browse their amazing selection of bathroom ware.
  • Wall Cabinets – If you install cabinets at eye-height rather than on the floor, you are gaining valuable space, plus open flooring makes the room look more spacious. If you can’t find the ideal units, have a local joiner create them to fit perfectly and by using recesses and corners creatively, you can have ample storage space.
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  • The Back Of The Door – This is a space not normally used, but if you attach a nice towel rail or some hooks, towels can be hung, which means you no longer need shelves for the towels. Even the inside of the cabinet doors can be used by adding small racks that hold various items. For more tips for designing a small bathroom, a quick search online should lead you to relative articles.

Create a floor plan, preferably to scale, which will enable you to plan the location of various items. If you approach a bathroom designer, they can create the optimum layout. Buy everything online and get ready to transform your bathroom into a luxury space.