Exercise honey at your backyard…of course! It is Possible!

Honey, with its profound uses in the food industry, body-building packs and beauty products, is well-known for its brilliant natural properties. And honey harvesting apiaries, indeed, adds good chunks to the farming industry. Hitherto, the challenges for the honey harvesting team are aplenty and well recognized. Ever wondered how much risk taking effort would be involved in fiddling with swarms of hundred of bees, just to get that finely manufactured honey out of their private chambers and finally, to make it reach your breakfast table?

Certainly, the process of getting the honey from the bee hives is truly dangerous for both humans and bees. While a single bee sting can potentially be life-threatening for men, the poor little bees, busy with their daily chores, often get terribly hurt or crushed to death all because of human greed to extract their amber-deposits – honey. Bees are an integral part of the ecosystem deranged by the human encroachments everywhere. They are the driving source for crops because pollination is made a possibility by these tiny creatures. We ought to preserve them, more so, for our own survival. Conventionally, in a spacesuit-like heavy uncomfortable outfit, honey gatherers gain an access to the honey-comb and with gentle maneuvers lift the frames loaded with wax overlying the seasonally deposited honey. A refined and filtered honey is then packaged to be made available to you.

But right here is being phased a phenomenal end to this brutality. The commendably genius duo of beekeepers, a team of a father and his son from New South Wales, Australia fondly called ‘The Andersons’ have broken this jinx of honey industry. This simple yet great innovation called the ‘Flow Hive’ has an interesting mechanism bypassing all the pains and targeting whole lot of gains. The devised channels are like bee-keeping transformers. First arranged in a comb-like fashion, they let honey bees to get attracted which then deposit honey derived from the flower-nectar. Then simply, by rotating a side-bar the combs get split and open up into a single passage from which honey is easily channelized to flow out via series of tubes, which further drain this delicious honey out into your collecting jar. Now that is the purest form of natural honey yet available. Whoa!

Trending next can be the honey production coming to strike your urban backyards. With little proficiency and basic learning from the experts, anyone can have their share of natural sparkling honey grown right outside in your own little compound-farm. So, get ready to harvest these undiluted benefits right in front of your own eyes.