How To Find The Best Wedding Photography Studio

The fact that weddings are a special time for the couple that is getting married cannot be over emphasized. The romantic and emotional moments are too precious to be preserved in memory alone. For posterity’s sake and for the nostalgic experience that is so important in bringing back the good times to life, every wedding should be preserved in breath-taking and awe inspiring photographs.

With professionalism and touch of class, the best wedding photographers bring out every detail in your wedding. Right from the onset in taking the pictures, to the post photograph processing, every scene is treated with attention to detail to give you crystal clear photos in a relaxed and intimate style.

As showcased in one of the portfolios such as that of Rachel and Daniel wedding by Reid Studios, our work communicates of elegance at its best without overbearing on prices so that you have you wedding documented in master pieces you cannot wait to share. Based in Melbourne Australia, the professional photographers preserve the memories of your nuptials regardless of your location in Australia and Overseas.

How it all works

When you book a wedding photographer, you should be assured of at least two experienced and professional photographers who will cover the event on a full-time basis. This includes everything from getting ready to the reception.

The photographer will take care of transportation of equipment to the venue; all transportation of the crew is taken care of at no expense to our customers. Travel time is always considered part of the shooting time. Unlimited photo shots taken with high quality cameras and proper lighting to ensure high resolution images.

After the wedding shoot, our photographers expertly edit and process the photos. This may take 35-40 hours of post-production work, which comes at no extra charge to you. The images are carefully edited, their colour, brightness and contrast corrected. They are then cropped and prepared for high tech professional printing in the lab.

All photos are saved in a USB drive. Some of the photos may be selected and printed in high resolution, these are put in attractive albums and frames for you to showcase. The others are kept in the USB drive and delivered to you watermark free, in high resolution. You are allowed to print and share this on whatever platform you want without payment to the studio.