Unveiling The Meaning of Each Diamond Engagement Ring Cut

There is no doubt that a diamond has a certain mystical aura on women. Women’s love for diamonds has endured throughout the decades. That is why the use of diamonds for engagement rings became a trend ever since. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, there are a lot of reputable diamond jewellers in the area, but be sure to only choose the one who sells authentic and high quality diamonds.

Since women are romantic creatures, they dreamed of receiving a diamond engagement ring. However, purchasing a diamond engagement ring for your special someone does not only stop at paying the item on the cashier’s counter. As a man who plans to marry the woman of his dreams, you have to make it special. Say, why not find the perfect diamond cut that says a lot about your partner’s personality?

Classic Round
Its round shape means love without end. It is perfect for conservative, honest, and loyal women who prefer traditional romance.

Its unique shape is best for an independent woman who sets a high standard for herself and the people around her, but still yearns for a traditional romance. She also loves adventures and has a wide circle of awesome friends.

It features creativity and uniqueness. It also represents fertility due to its egg-like shape. This oval cut is ideal for a woman who has a bold, elegant, and unique personality but likes to cuts loose every now and then.

It is one of the increasingly popular diamond cuts due to its lovely brilliance and uniqueness. This cut is perfect for decisive, fun-loving, yet disciplined and highly organized woman.

Recently voted as the favourite fancy diamond cut, this cut is perfect for a sexy, extroverted, carefree, and zestful woman who’s not afraid to face life’s challenges.

It is ideal for meticulous, feminine woman with a keen eye for style who wants to stand out from the big crowd.

This type of cut is the perfect choice for a romantic and classy woman who loves a vintage luxury.

This cut is ideal for a woman who loves to take risk yet values confidence and classical designs.

Representing love and devotion, this cut is a must-wear for feminine, sensitive, and romantic women.

From the diamond cuts you learned in this article, choose the one that best suits your partner’s personality and preferences. She will surely say yes when you pop the question.