All You Need To Know About Electric Gate Remote Systems

A Guide To The Various Electric Gate Remote Systems

If you are planning to install a set of electric gates to protect your property, there are a number of ways that you can operate the gates. There are no off-the-shelf solutions for residential and commercial gates, rather they are fabricated to specification, which means you can start from scratch and design the perfect units.

Electric Motor

The electric motor that operates the gates can be activated in a number of ways, which are as follows:

  • Standard Remote Control Unit – This is the most popular method and a couple of units are provided by the supplier, so you can keep one as a spare. Keep it in the car and hit the ‘open’ button as you approach your driveway. The gates will automatically close after you enter.
  • Vehicle Sensors – If you order a few car sensors, fit them to the family vehicles for a convenient way to gain access. The sensor is set to a specific frequency. When the vehicle nears, the receiver will pick up the signal and open the gates.
  • Bluetooth – You can operate your gates via a smartphone app, which uses Bluetooth technology to communicate, with a very rapid response over short distances. Most homeowners have the app and the vehicle sensor. They can use either when entering or leaving.
  • Infrared – The only downside to infrared is that you must point the unit directly at the gate. If anything blocks the connection, the operation will be affected. Talk to the gate supplier about the various remote control solutions and they would be happy to show you the list of options.

Opening Styles

There are several types of electric gate; sliding to one side, a single and double side opening, which is side hinged. Several factors affect your choice of opening styles; the weight and size of the gates, available space and the terrain, to name a few. If you have enough space on one side of the property, you could have a single sliding gate and if you have a small driveway, sliding is by far the best option. If you are concerned about the electric sliding gates cost, ask several companies to quote for the project.

Manual Back-Up

In the event of a power cut, you do need to be able to disengage the automation and open the gates manually, which normally consists of turning a crank handle that is inserted into the gearing. Once the gear is disengaged, you can insert the crank handle as instructed and you can open or close the gates. Once finished, remember to turn the gearing back on and when the power returns, your gates will work as normal.

If you would like a quote for replacing your front gates, a Google search will help you locate a custom gate company and with their help, you can design the perfect gates to protect your home.