What Snacks Are Best For Studying?

As we all already know, the word Studying comes from two very common words which happen to be “Student” and “Dying”. This activity is very taxing on all of us, even for those who actually like to study as a hobby. Our brains would have to be on full throttle just so we would actually absorb whatever it is we have to memorize for the test the next day. Full brain activity can lead to us becoming really mentally weak and not to mention hungry. I’m proof of this. I’m a writer and my brain has to literally be on all the time. Not even 3 hours later I find myself starving even when I had a very full breakfast earlier.

To help with your studying as well as for those people who have to work using their brains for eight hours a day, here are snacks that will alleviate that exhaustion, as well as stave off a bit of hunger so we can still keep going.

Apples with Peanut Butter

Slice the apples into bite-sized pieces and spread a little peanut butter on then. They’re a great distraction for you from your inevitable “dying”. It also keeps you seated to actually study.

Frozen Grapes

They’re easier to get your hands on without having to let go of your notes in fear of getting them sticky or something (even though we kind of want an excuse to not study at all at this rate) and not to mention healthy top munch on. Fruits are ALWAYS healthy.

Greek Yogurt

For the very inevitable all-nighters. They are very high in protein than your average, regular yogurt that you buy in stores. It will distract you long enough to keep studying since it will also curb your hunger in the meantime. We aren’t even mentioning the calcium and probiotics this thing is filled with. Now that’s what I call a healthy study snack!


It is a known fact that nuts themselves are a great source of brain-energy. They are good for memorizing those pesky formulas easily since they will give you a quick energy boost. If you keep eating them as you peruse that book you have holding, then you can expect that your study session will become easier.

Dark Chocolate

For the people who are obsessed with chocolate, have no fear, dark chocolate is one of the healthy snacks that you can binge-eat while you study. They are so full of natural stimulants and antioxidants that will improve the blood flow to your brain. Your mood will definitely be better while you study and eat this (in moderation please). At least you won’t be feeling miserable as you try to force the material into your poor brain.

So how about it? Feel like studying yet? No? Well, tough luck, we all have to go through it. At least with these here, you can make some progress while keeping yourself happy in the meantime.