Garden Design Ideas That Are Low Maintenance

Garden Design Ideas That Are Low Maintenance

Let’s face it, we all love a tidy garden, with tendered borders and a freshly mown lawn, yet not many of us are into the actual work that it takes to keep a garden looking neat and tidy. There are some who love tending their garden and they would never entertain the thought of using a gardening service. For the majority of homeowners, the less to do in the garden, the better.

If you are thinking of a garden revamp and would like to focus on maintenance-free solutions, here are a few ideas.

Large Terrace

The bigger your patio, the less garden you have to maintain. With some investment, you could have a customised retractable roof installed over the long terrace that almost reaches the end of your property. You can find affordable decking at your local builder’s merchant and with the help of your partner, you could build a nice terrace, which would be a major feature of the property.

Composite Fencing

Anything made from timber is going to need looking after, whereas composite materials are maintenance-free. Some come in timber-grain finishes for a rustic appearance, while black and brown are popular colours for garden fencing. When looking for a fencing Ipswich supplier or a store near you that sells the materials you need for your project, an online search will take you to the local builder’s merchant.

Block Paving

Small areas can be turned into pleasant seating zones and block paving is the ideal solution for a zero maintenance garden. Pathways make for excellent block paving and with a dry sand and cement base, weeds and grass cannot reach the surface, so there is no weeding to be done.

Crazy Paving

This is probably the cheapest way to build a patio and laid onto wet cement is the way to go, using a small trowel to smooth cement around the joints and gaps. Once it is set, use a soft brush to remove debris and leave it a few days before you walk on the surface. You could buy several colours of cheap patio slabs, then break them up and create a unique pattern. Crazy paving is back in trend after a few decades of sleep.

Decorative Gravel

Prepare an area for decorative gravel Ipswich or your city offers. There are many different colours and sizes when it comes to decorative aggregate. You could remove all soil flower beds and lay decorative gravel, with flowers and shrubs in pots. Weeds are unable to grow through gravel, providing it is deep enough, plus you have no water issues with gravel.

Make Good Use Of Concrete

Concrete comes in any colour and with the right tools, you can create a unique finish that requires little care and looks stunning.

If you are handy at home, there’s no reason you can’t design and create the perfect garden that is easy to manage. All the materials you need can be sourced from an online supplier and you can get trade prices from most merchants.