International Legal Counsel: What You Should Know

International Legal Counsel: What You Should Know

If you are an international entrepreneur who is based in Bangkok, for example, you are likely doing business with Chinese manufacturers on a regular basis. While this relationship is the most profitable way to acquire your products, there can be issues, especially with the obvious language and culture difference.

Imagine a large delivery arrives and you are of the opinion the goods are inferior in some way; obviously, you would contact the Chinese manufacturer and if the issue isn’t immediately rectified, you would be seeking the help of a law firm that practices in China. Luckily, there are Chinese law firms (中国律师事务所) in most countries, as there is a Chinese population in just about every major city in the world.

Understanding Chinese Law

Most people can’t understand the Chinese language, let alone their complex legal system. If the issue with your Chinese manufacturer does go to court, it will obviously be heard in a Chinese commercial court. You might be thinking where to find an experienced Chinese law firm who can help you prepare a strong case in the Chinese language. You can try searching online, using the keywords ‘reputable civil litigation lawyer near me’.

No Travel Involved

The last thing you need is to have to go to China in order to prepare a litigation case. When you deal with a Chinese law firm with offices in Bangkok, you don’t have to go anywhere. Indeed, your legal discussions can be done via Zoom calls and you can send documentation by courier.

No one has the time to spend on long, drawn-out trips and luckily, all legal services can be handled remotely. The pandemic forced businesses to look at virtual solutions and law is one of those fields that can effectively operate using remote client-lawyer communication, which is great for all concerned.

Improve Your Chances Of A Favourable Outcome

No one wants to be on the wrong end of a litigation decision and by hiring the services of a local law firm, you are increasing your chances of a successful outcome. It might be Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand or China where the case is handled, and it is crucial that you hire a local law firm if you want to have a good chance of success. Chinese law is very different from the Western systems and that’s why you need counsel from a Chinese law firm from the very outset.

Releasing Payment

Let’s say your Chinese products arrived here in Bangkok, yet you are unhappy with the consignment and therefore wish to withhold payment. You should first talk to an expert in Chinese commercial law, who has a good understanding of how things work in mainland China. If the lawyer advises you to prepare a letter to the manufacturer, explaining why you are withholding payment, this can be done quickly, which might resolve the issue. Of course, it is hoped that you never have to get into commercial litigation, but if you do and it is with a foreign entity, you should seek out legal counsel before doing anything.