Should You Bring Flowers On The First Date?

You’ve had your fair share of dates, right? As a student, you most likely have. If you haven’t, then you may be among the many first timers to be wondering if you should or should not bring flowers on a first date.

The simple answer is, it’s entirely up to you. It’s not a requirement, it’s more of a preference. If you think the lady you like would appreciate it, then why not? As old-fashioned as it sounds, there are still ladies who would appreciate the gesture. 

Why You May Not Want To Get Her Flowers

There are a lot of factors as to why you shouldn’t. To some, maybe you will come across as needy and clingy, maybe borderline desperate to be liked. There are modern ladies who would feel that giving flowers on the first dates is like desperately pleading for them to like the guy. For them, the first date is where you’re only testing the waters if you two are compatible with each other or not. They may find it impractical when you two have to go somewhere and she has to keep bringing a giant bouquet or even just one flower, no matter how adorable that may be. You can be smooth about it, though, while you’re on the date and give her a single rose, one that you plucked off of a garden, where she was able to see it happen.

However, there are guys who’ve been crushing on a certain girl for quite a long time. It could be that she’s a dear friend and out of fear of ruining a great friendship, it took the guy quite a while to finally ask her out. Sometimes, first dates aren’t just for testing waters; it also goes back to the very reason there are first dates in the first place: to be liked back. This is the time a guy puts his best foot forward to show the girl he’s been liking to see that he’s a perfect fit for her. So if you’ve got a romantic gal who is an old soul and is into old-fashioned yet timeless things, she would appreciate getting some flowers.

If you want to be grandiose about it, like maybe if you two have been dating for quite a while now, you can send flowers to Thailand, assuming your beloved lives there. It’s easier to just order beautiful flowers from an established florist as you can be confident with what they deliver.

So What Do You Bring On The First Date, Other Than Flowers?

Well, what is she into?

This should be your niche, if you’re the type of guy to have hobbies. For example, did you happen to take a geeky girl on a date? Then find out what kind of culture or fandom she’s into and get her something from that, such as a cheap merchandise shirt that happens to have a print of her idols. Is she truly is a geek, then she wouldn’t mind the price. In fact, she would probably like you back if you got her something cheap.

Is she the preppy kind? Then find out what she likes. The point here is to buy her something that she’s into, not something that you think she might like just because she’s a cheerleader, a biology student or just because she’s a girl.

In all actuality, you might not even have to pull out your best stunts yet. If you just know what she likes, you can just make an effort to like it too.