Steps To Keep Your Dorm Room And Apartment Clean

Our dorm rooms and our apartments are the places that we spend most of our time in, unless you’re the kind to spend your time out partying, especially in the college-stage of life. Nonetheless, whether you party most of the time or stay at home studying for the tests your professors throw at you, you still need to keep your living space as clean as possible.

And here’s how you do that:

Make your bed daily

Your bed is the focal point of your apartment. It will only take a couple of minutes to make the bed after you wake up. Once the bed is made, there will be a huge difference in how the entire room will look.

Give every item a home

From your shoes scattered all over your floor to the shampoo bottles spread across your desk – put your items in cases. Give your shoes a shoe organizer and your bath materials a shower caddy.

Organise your desk

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A cluttered desk is distracting and uninviting. Seeing one will only make you lazy and unmotivated to work. Make sure that area is clean at all costs, especially if you plan to put your important items on it. Try to utilise some small storage containers for your post-its, staples, pencils, among others.

Clean up spills immediately

As soon as some spills have been made, you make sure to wipe that clean right away. As for the heavy duty kind of cleaning, use a hard floor buffing machine for good measure and so you don’t’ have any stains left.

Utilise your laundry bin

Stop throwing your dirty laundry on the floor all the time. Have a bag or a hamper nearby. It keeps the entire place feel less cluttered and whenever laundry days roll by, it won’t be much of a headache to locate your strewn clothes.

Empty your trash basket regularly

As soon as your trash is full, throw it into the trash bin right away. Make a habit of doing so and don’t wait until you have trash all over your floor. All the food containers and leftover food ought to be taken to the nearest dumpster in your area. This habit keeps your apartment smell less like a dumpster itself.

Wash dishes

Students don’t usually have dirty dishes, seeing as they most likely order takeout or eat outside to begin with. On the off chance that you DO have some dirty dishes that need washing, wash them right away. Don’t just leave them awkwardly sitting next to the sink, unclean.

Clean out your fridge

Your fridge is where you store food. Don’t let it become a breeding ground for bacteria and take the time to clean it at least once a month. Get rid of the expired food items you kept in there and if there are spills, wipe them clean with disinfectant.

Use air freshener

Lastly, you may need to keep your living space from smelling all the time. All the stink it collected ranging from the Chinese food from last week to the dirty socks from last month’s game, will make your room unbearable. Once all the cleaning and organising is finished, spray a little air freshener to keep the area fresh. Life is easier and a lot more enjoyable if your dorm is clean and tidy. You’re going to have guests there from time to time too. Make a habit of some of these steps and get to work.