Signs That It Is Time To Renovate Your Home

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Home Needs An Overhaul

Aside from being the biggest single investment you will ever make, your home protects you and your family from the harsh natural elements and as we are constantly surrounded by familiar things, we tend not to notice as things start to fade. In order for you to be aware that your home is in need of attention, here are a few tell-tale signs.

Comments From The Neighbours

It could be that the first time you realise the exterior looks shabby is when your next door neighbour casually mentions the peeling paintwork. It might be a comment made in jest, but it sometimes takes that before we realise how we have let the property go.

Regular Repairs

If you have only just had the guttering fixed and now the fencing has an issue, this is a sign that things need some attention and the best thing to do is have a walk around the house, taking notes as you go. When you call in a local builder to repair an issue, if he noticed something that might cause problems in the near future, he would mention this, which is preventative maintenance.

Neighbour Renovations

Your home might have some kerb appeal, but your next door neighbour has just renovated, this makes your home look a little jaded. You might have a reasonable tarmac driveway and the neighbour’s dual colour block paving job is absolutely amazing, which does make your property look like it could be better. If you would like to surpass your neighbour’s terrace with some hardwood decking, check out the amazing deals at the local timber suppliers Colchester or in the area where you live. These are the best places to source tools, materials and building equipment at trade prices.

Water Damage

If your roof has a leak or damp is rising up from the ground, this is the time to call in the experts and the sooner you have repairs carried out, the better. Check the upstairs ceiling for signs of damp, which would be caused by a few missing roof tiles and to save some money, you could carry out the repairs yourself.

Putting The Property On The Market

If you are planning to relocate, you will need to invest in renovating the house and by talking to a home staging specialist, you can invest wisely and hopefully, you will quickly find a buyer.

Sun Damage

The harsh sun can really affect exterior timber and after a few years without a coat of paint, the timber could begin to decay. The soffit and fascia boards on the roof can easily bring down the look of the property and many homeowners prefer to replace the boards with PVC sections, which can be ordered from your local builders merchant.

If you have time on your hands, you can save a lot of money by carrying out renovations yourself and ordering all the materials from a local supplier. If you plan a home improvement every year, it won’t take long before the value of your property has doubled.