The 5 Best UK Companies That Offer Internet Marketing Services

In a nutshell, digital marketing involves promoting products or brands via electronic media. It tends to lean more towards marketing via the internet. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, its methods are measurable, making it easier to know what works and what does not. Here are the 5 best UK companies that offer internet marketing services:

1. Vanilla Circus

Vanilla Circus is an SEO Agency. Their strength lies in their ability to increase visitors to your website via organic search. The company also uses Google Analytics to increase conversion optimisation. They help businesses to generate more revenue via video, optimising content, and social media. They are open to all methods that can increase visitors to your website ultimately generating revenue.

2. WildShark

WildShark’s main focus is on SEO. The company prides itself in 2 things: simplicity and transparency. They aim at making things very simple for their clients to understand. They ensure that their clients know exactly what they are doing and how it is a worth ROI. WildShark creates SEO plans to help brands to increase their leads and convert inquiries to sales.

3. Digital Search Group

This digital marketing agency describes itself as a ’boutique’ professional SEO consultant and indeed it is. They focus on launching internet marketing campaigns based on the PR-style marketing approach. Some of the services they offer include content marketing, link building, reputation management, social media marketing, and local SEO. They keep their clients updated on the progress of their work. Transparency is pivotal.

4. Chameleon Web Services

If you prefer to work with experienced companies, then Chameleon Web Services is your number one choice. The company boasts of over a decade’s experience in web development solutions and a decade’s experience in SEO. They are Google certified for display and search advertising, video ads, shopping, and Google Analytics IQ. They won the annual award in 2014. They tailor their services to customer needs and goals.

5. Get Manic

Get Manic is an SEO and digital marketing company. They offer bespoke SEO packages that increase visitors to your site. They have helped many businesses to rank first on search engine results. The company stays up to date on trends in the digital market. The company will constantly communicate with you as they work on your SEO strategy.


Internet marketing is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. The above companies deal with the various aspects of digital marketing. Each one of them has its own strengths. If you are looking for a company to help you in your digital strategy, you can choose from the above.