Options To Straighten Your Teeth

The Different Options Available To Straighten Your Teeth

If your teeth are crooked and it makes your self-conscious when you smile, there are things that you can do to straighten them, even if you are an adult. You can choose several options, depending on the severity of the problem, and the budget you have available. Below are some of the different techniques to straighten teeth that you may wish to consider using to bring back that winning smile.

Traditional Aligners

Aligners have been used to straighten teeth for a long time, but the modern materials currently in use mean that you can have clear aligners added to your teeth, and they are almost invisible. A low amount of pressure is added to the teeth through the aligners that slowly pushes the teeth straight, and the process can take between 12 and 18 months before it is complete. It is a popular option, and your dentist in Chatswood or wherever you live will be able to offer this service for you.

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Traditional Braces

You can also consider traditional braces where a wire framework is added to the teeth and applies pressure to straighten them over time. The braces will require adjusting every few months, and they can feel uncomfortable when wearing them. People are also put off by the appearance of their mouth when wearing these braces, but it is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for complex problems with your teeth’ alignment.

Ceramic Braces

You can also consider ceramic braces to align your teeth, and these are like the two above, but as they are made from ceramic the colour is like your natural teeth, making them harder to notice. People who wear these braces find them more comfortable than traditional metal ones, and you can also complete your course of treatment in about six months.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are another popular style in use, and they are like the traditional metal braces, but they are placed on the back of the teeth, which helps to hide the wires. They can be challenging to clean, but they also prevent staining on the front of the teeth you can get from traditional braces if you do not keep your teeth clean. They can irritate the mouth and gums, and this type of alignment is not for everyone.

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If you are looking for that Hollywood smile, then veneers may be the perfect option for you, although it can be the most expensive one as well. A porcelain veneer shell is added to each tooth that corrects various problems that you may have with your teeth and makes them look smooth, straight and ell aligned. One disadvantage of this option is that it is not permanent, and even though it is one of the most expensive options, your veneers will need replacing at some point.

These are a few of the available options when you are looking to straighten your teeth. Visit your local dentist and let them go through the best options you have, and you can straighten your crooked smile and win back the confidence to smile again.