7 Algorithms And Data Structures All Software Programmers Should Know

In this article, we will examine some of the important algorithms and data structures that every software developer should be familiar with.

The field of software development is indeed a very complex one, with more than a few popular platforms and languages, all of which are important to know, and much like other tech industries, there are new and innovative solutions constantly emerging.

Here are just some of the algorithms and data structures that every software programmer should be familiar with.

  • Array Data Structure – Data structures allow developers to efficiently store and retrieve data, plus it shortens the time for algorithms to run. If you are looking for software solutions, there are specialists such as Ruby developers for hire from a top-rated UK agency that connects clients with software developers, and they are confident they can hook you up with the right developer in a very short time.
  • Sort Algorithms – Sorting is the action of putting things in proper order, and these are the sort of algorithms you should understand – Merge Short, Quick Sort, Bucket Sort, Heap Sort & Counting Sort. It is important for software programmers to keep abreast of new algorithms that come into play, as this ensures that you are using the very best technology when writing code.
  • Search Algorithms – These are utilised by Google and other search engines to crawl the Internet, and for AI platforms to build bots, as with a chess program. There are many search algorithms and it is up to the developer to decide which they will use, depending on what they aim to achieve.
  • Hashing – This is one of the most popular data structures that enables you to find data quickly, and while it used to be Sorting and Binary Search we used to locate specific data, we now use Hashing. The method of hashing is a way to transform characters into shorter value or key that represents the original string, which is then used to recover items in database.
  • Dynamic Programming (DP) – This is one way of solving a problem by breaking it down to smaller sub-problems, and there are many applications that require saving information to use at a later time.
  • String Matching & Parsing – Pattern matching is always an issue with software coding, and there are two main necessities, which are, String Matching with the KMP algorithm, and Regular Expression, which is primarily used for URL parsing and matching.
  • Primality Testing Algorithms – These offer ways to determine whether or not a given value is a prime number, with the Sieve of Eratosthenes, which is deterministic in nature, and this algorithm works best with certain limits on the range numbers.

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