Create An Outdoor Living Space

Creating An Outdoor Living Space In A Small Back Yard

When you live in a warm climate, you want to make the most of your outdoor space available and extend your living area. However, when you have a small yard, you may not know where to start, and you may think that there is not much point. With some careful planning and design, you can make the most of your small space and create a fantastic outdoor living area, extending your useable space and helping to make your house into a home. Below are some ideas to help you start designing your outdoor living space that does not have to cost a fortune either.

Create A Vertical Garden

When you have a small garden, you may be reluctant to create flower beds as they will take up too much space, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy flowers in your garden. You can consider creating a vertical garden using your garden fence, which is also an excellent way to hide it from view. You can add some planter boxes and have these on your garden fence, as well as planting creeping vines and flowers that will mature and create a wall of colour in your garden.

Build A Small Deck

You can also add a small area of decking to your garden and create somewhere comfortable for you to relax, as well as entertain guests. If your budget is limited, you can do this yourself and creating a deck for your garden is something that you can do even with only having simple DIY skills. When you have your decking area, there is a wide selection available at a Melbourne outdoor furniture warehouse to furnish your new deck, making it more comfortable and appealing to spend time outside of your home.

Turn Your Garden Shed Into Something Amazing

If you have a garden shed that you hardly use, then you can convert this space into something else entirely. You can consider adding a hot tub to it or creating a man or she shed that is perfect for relaxing in, and you can use it no matter what the weather is doing outside. You could add a small bar so you can enjoy a drink, a quiet area to read in, or a workshop for your hobby or small business. There are endless possibilities if you think creatively and are open to new ideas, and you may create your new favourite place in your home.

Create A Barbeque Area

Another way to ensure that you use the space outside of your home effectively is by creating a small outdoor kitchen or barbeque area where you can cook your favourite dishes. You can build a barbeque out of bricks in the corner of your garden that best utilises the space and creates the perfect area for entertaining and cooking.

There are lots of things that you can do with a small garden to help increase the curb appeal of your home, as well as extend your useable living space. Think outside of the box and use your creative juices to design something that appeals to you, is functional, and looks fantastic.