Dressing Up Like Your Average (Tormented) College Student 101

So basically, this is a guide on how you dress up while you’re still a grimy college student. And yes, I say grimy because I, too, was a fellow grimy student. One who barely slept from studying and projects and ALSO barely passed in all my subjects. It’s kind of hard to care about how you look when you’re concentrated on not failing, huh?

I’m going to base this on my experience when I was still in college. Although, you DO have to take note that most of the universities out there don’t really care about what you wear as long as you show up and do what you’re supposed to do. They have no rules in terms of fashion, which is why you see different sorts of students walk around the campus.

First of all, you can never go wrong with the classic Hoodie.

If it weren’t warm all the time at my university, I would definitely wear a hoodie every day. As such, I only got to wear my vast stock of hoodies when the weather was cold enough for it. What? They’re comfy and they hide the mess that was my hair when I came to school forgetting to comb it. Also, the ones that have front pockets are useful in a way that I can store a bunch of my junk in there without having to open my backpack. Heaven knows how efficiency is key when you’re a struggling college student.

Other than that, I just wear a Black T-Shirt.

Yes, it has to be black, only because black hides stains that you were too busy to wash away. Again, it’s kind of hard to care for your own clothes in general if you don’t even have the time anymore to do them. Of course, you can always get them cleaned by someone else or maybe at the drycleaners, but do you even have the patience and time to go do that and then pick them up after a long day at school? So that is why I also stocked up on so many black shirts in my college days. I had to make sur that each and every single one of them had different designs and prints though. I didn’t want my peers to think that I don’t bathe going to the campus after all.

Of course, I pair these off with Jeans.

They go with everything. I might want to wear a skirt here and there but again, to wear a skirt, you have to look pretty enough to wear it. And like I said, I didn’t have the patience to pretty myself up before attending my lectures. I barely did my make-up so how was I supposed to pull off a cute skirt? It’d lose its meaning!

Hence why I stuck to wearing these boring yet comfortable pieces of clothing every day and only ever really dressed up for an event of a night out.