How The Cut Of A Diamond Impacts The Quality

How The Cut Of A Diamond Impacts The Quality

As you probably know, diamonds are graded using the 4C system; namely, colour, clarity, cut and carat. This methodology is used to grade almost all of the many gemstones and, as you would expect, each of the 4 categories are important and this is reflected in the value of the stone. There are many different cuts, of course, and it is important to choose a cut that will bring out the best properties of the diamond. If you are designing a diamond engagement ring, the custom jeweller would advise you regarding the cut.

The 4Cs

Diamonds are graded using the 4C system:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat

Many experts would argue that the cut is the most important when it comes to the overall value of the stone. Gemstones used to be hand cut until the Industrial Revolution saw the arrival of machinery. Fast forward to today and we have amazingly accurate equipment to ensure a perfectly symmetrical outcome. It is an exciting time when you work with a custom jeweller and secure loose, uncut diamonds, which are cut to your liking and inserted into a very special piece of jewellery.

Enhancing The Sparkle

The primary goal when cutting a diamond is to enhance the sparkle. Facets reflect light and refraction depends entirely on the cut. The Brilliant Round Cut is probably the most common of all the diamond cuts; the cut itself is graded, using:

  • Symmetry
  • Brilliance
  • Polish
  • Fire

Organizations such as the Gem Institute of America (GIA) are tasked with grading precious stones, which must be carried out by qualified experts.

The Cut grading ranges are:

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

When appraising a diamond, its brilliance plays a major role in the valuation. Excellent would display a high level of brilliance, while a poor grading would exhibit minimal brilliance. When designing a diamond engagement ring, for example, you can ask the custom jeweller what is the best cut for the loose diamonds you have acquired. If a diamond has an excellent cut grade, this will put it in the top price per carat range. If you are interested in champagne diamonds Australia has, there are reputable gemstone dealers who can access the best gemstones at trade prices.

Professional Advice

When your rough diamonds have been acquired, the custom jeweller is the right person to consult about which cut will give the desired result.

Here are some of the popular diamond cuts:

  • Round
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Asscher
  • Emerald
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Radiant
  • Baguette

There are other less common diamond cuts. Complex diamond cutting equipment is used to cut the facets, which are polished to bring out the stone’s brilliance.

Fine Examples

The custom jeweller can show you many diamonds that exhibit different cuts, plus he can answer any questions you might have about any specific cuts. If, for example, you are planning on a one-carat central stone, the jewellery maker would advise you on the best cuts.