What Are Beryl Gemstones?

What Are Beryl Gemstones?

Beryl is considered to be among the most beautiful of all precious gemstones. Take note that beryl is a family of gemstones. The most common variety you will find is aquamarine and emerald. They make up a large percentage of all gemstones and are often used in jewellery. How to recognize a beryl gemstone is very easy when you understand what makes it so special. In this article, we will learn what beryl gemstones are, as well as how to spot them when they are in your jewellery.

Look At The Colour

One of the things that makes beryl gemstones so special is their colour. You’ll find that there are various colours for beryl. It can range from yellow, blue, and green. It can sometimes be confusing that even other gemstones such as peridot is mistaken to be beryl. Peridot is also often used in casual jewellery because it has a nice blue sheen but can also be found in deeper shades of blue, including midnight blue. However, peridot is a variety of the mineral olivine while beryl is from a different variety.

The colour of beryl gemstones makes them so spectacular. You will first notice that the most common colour of beryl gemstones is light green, with a touch of blue. They shine with an almost beaming quality, and they look most beautiful when they are new. If you buy a high-quality loose beryl stone to adorn your ring with, you will notice the lovely blue-green shade as a result of the mixing of the chemicals during formation. This blue-green tone can last for years if properly cared for, so you will not have to worry about sacrificing the beauty of your ring. There are some other colours available, but they are very rare, and you are likely to not find them in the market. Some of the other shades of beryl include pink and purple.

The Different Cuts

Another thing that makes beryl gemstones so amazing is their cut. They tend to have a unique cut, which gives them a distinctive appearance when they are on the surface of your skin. Each stone has a different shape, and these shapes can vary from being round, square, oval, or even heart-shaped. Some people like their stones to be long and slender, while others like their gemstones to be rounder and more comfortable to wear. Take a look at some beryl gemstones from Certified Diamond Network in order to see what kind of shape you like, and what kind of cut you want your stone to have.

No Two Beryl Gemstones Are The Same

You will find that there are many different varieties of beryl gemstones available to choose from, and each will tell a story about itself in a different way. No two gemstones are exactly alike, but there are some common characteristics that you can learn to look for when you are shopping around. The price will also vary depending on the colour that you are wanting for your ring, the size of the gemstone, and the shape of the gemstone. Visit your trusted local jeweller and take a look at the beryl gemstones they have available in order to see what kind of qualities you will be able to find.

Because of the unique characteristics of beryl, you can often times find them in a jewellery set with another type of gemstone. When you want to purchase beryl gemstones, you should look go to a trusted jeweller who has a variety of these stones available. Your jeweller can even acquire beryl gemstones that would perfectly fit your preference.